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A Green Halloween

 Oct 2023
Spooky season is upon us. This year, why not make your classroom’s Halloween colours black, orange…and green! In this month’s newsletter, you’ll find fun green ways to celebrate, be it unleashing your students’ creativity with our What a Peculiar Animal! contest, enjoying eerie stories, or raising awareness about how to have a more sustainable Halloween! 

How to participate: 
1. Complete the What a Peculiar Animal! Activity
2. Select one “Peculiar Animal Ambassador” for your class 
3. Fill out the entry form including:

  • Your Peculiar Animal Ambassador’s name
  • A picture of your Peculiar Animal Ambassador
  • A few sentences explaining why it is adapted to its environment

Submit a photo of your class and their “Peculiar Animal Ambassador” by Nov 9th, 2023 (11:59 pm PST), and your class will be entered into a draw to win an virtual meeting with a real Earth Rangers Animal Ambassador!

The spookiest Peculiar Animal Ambassadors will be featured on the Earth Rangers Homeroom page in November!  
This contest is open to all K-6 classes across Canada.
Eco-anxiety is a reality for children today. The five modules of our micro-credential give educators a chance to deepen their understanding of eco-anxiety, to develop tools that help children manage their feelings, to explore concrete teaching approaches, and to learn ways that support student-led stewardship projects.   
For more information or to sign up, visit our website.
Did you know that Earth Rangers has a whole site dedicated to ready-to-use resources for educators? This activity and many more can be found on Earth Rangers Homeroom.  

Looking for resources in French? Ma Classe Éco has everything you need. You can also sign up to receive our French Newsletter here
Halloween is a lot of fun, but between decorations, costumes often only worn once, and individually wrapped candy, it can also create a lot of waste – especially plastic waste. However, there is lots we can do to reduce the environmental impact of this fun holiday.  

As a class, begin by discussing Halloween and its environmental impact:

  1. What do you like most about Halloween? 
  2. Can you name some Halloween traditions that are not eco-friendly? (i.e. plastic decorations that are only used once)
  3. What do you think happens to all the candy wrappers and packaging after Halloween? 

    Next, talk about reducing the environmental impact of Halloween:
  1. Why is it important to reduce plastic waste on Halloween?
  2. How can we use less plastic? (i.e. for costumes, decorations, candy, etc.)
  3. What else can we do to make Halloween fun and eco-friendly?

    As a class, undertake a project to raise awareness of ways to reduce the environmental impact of Halloween. Some fun suggestions are: 
  • Posting Halloween themed Plastic-Free Portraits around the school 
  • Organizing a costume swap
  • Holding a Halloween door-decorating contest for the whole school, using ONLY recyclable materials
  • Having a craft station at recess where students can decorate old pillowcases to collect candy
STORY: The Halloween Takeover (Earth Rangers)
SITE: How to have a Green Halloween (Earth Rangers)
Are you interested in starting a club?  
Check out our Earth Rangers Club Hub to get started!
In November’s newsletter we will talk about a topic that is becoming more and more present in our schools: how to alleviate students concerns about the future of the planet. November also coincides with the next session of our 5-week Eco-Anxiety to Eco-Action Micro-credential which provides lots of tips and strategies to support students. Click here to find out more.  

Environmentally yours,  

Education Programs Manager
Earth Rangers

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