Grades 4-6

Grades 4-6

Where is your t-shirt from?

In this lesson, students will learn about the energy used to create, transport, package, and market our clothes, how this impacts the environment and what we can do to reduce the impact.

Inspiring Eco-Action through Storytelling

In this activity, storytelling helps spur Eco-Action by showing students that it is possible to make a difference. After...

Plastic-Free for a Week Challenge

In this challenge, students try to adopt as many plastic-free habits as possible.

The Greenbelt Game

This fun cooperative game helps students understand threats to biodiversity and the importance of conservation areas such as a Greenbelt in protecting biodiversity.

Observing Animals in their Habitat

Students observe animals in their natural habitat and make predictions about changes over time.

Single Use Plastic: Audit and Take Action

In this activity, students explore the impact of single-use plastics by making predictions, gathering data, and analyzing results. This can be used as a starting point for a student-led eco-action activity, such as a letter-writing campaign or a school awareness campaign

Engineering Bird Houses or Feeders

This classroom activity starter sets the stage for an activity allowing students to design birdfeeders and test their designs to see what meets the needs of local birds.

Caring for Butterflies

By participating in a community science project, students see that they can contribute to the authentic work of real-live monitoring and conservation science.