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Turtle-y awesome!

From the few-inches-long musk turtle to the over five-foot-long leatherback, turtles are incredible ancient reptiles! Regardless of their size, turtles across North America rely on habitat that is being affected by human action.

In this month’s newsletter, you will find a game for students to learn about impacts to leatherback turtles, a fun listening comprehension activity, and some inspirational stories about young people volunteering for conservation efforts.
The game provokes student inquiry and investigation into how plastic garbage ends up in the environment, why animals eat it, how it affects them, and how we can all help keep plastic out of the environment.

James Wilson, 16, (CBC Kids) and Kiera MacDonald, 9, (CBC Kids) both helped track leatherback turtles from Canada to the Caribbean. Share these incredible stories with students to discuss how they can get involved in conservation efforts near and far.  
1. Before listening, ask your class what they know about turtles, such as:
2. Listen to the audio clip, and have the students try to answer the following questions:
  • Is it ok to pick up a turtle?
  • What are the names of 8 species of freshwater turtles?
  • Which three of them are endangered species?  
  • What can do to help turtles?
3. As a class, brainstorm where they might spot local turtles, and what they can do to help them, such as reporting turtle sightings or being a Turtle Steward. Remind students that even if there may not live directly near turtle habitat, there are still actions they can take to prevent things like litter from impacting wildlife habitat.

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Are you feeling lucky? Ready to find a pot of gold…fish? Next month, you guessed it, we will be talking about green plants, green animals and ways to start preparing for the greenest month of all – Earth Month!   

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