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Sample Category Title

Inspiring Eco-Action through Storytelling

In this activity, storytelling helps spur Eco-Action by showing students that it is possible to make a difference. After...

Plastic-Free for a Week Challenge

Enter to win an Earth Rangers prize. Contest ends April 3rd, 2023.

The Greenbelt Game

Students together will create a fully-assembled “Greenbelt".

Birds are Dinosaurs

Listen to learn more about extinct dinosaurs and how they are related to the ones that are still flying around the planet today.

Hovering Hummingbirds

Listen to hear a scientist describe the unique features of a hummingbird.

Forests are Big Ecosystems

Listen to an interview with a forestry expert to discover how forests are being managed.

Wildlife in the City

Listen to hear Earth Ranger Emma explain which animals can be found in suburbs and cities and how they adapt to these environments.

Sorting All Sorts of Animals

Students devise their own sorting criteria using animal fact cards, then share them in a gallery walk.

Observing Animals in their Habitat

Students observe animals in their natural habitat and make predictions about changes over time.

Single Use Plastic: Audit and Take Action

Students collect and tally litter, gathering data to support a letter-writing campaign against single-use plastics.

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