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Biodiversity All Around Us

MAY 2024 May 21st marks the International Day for Biodiversity! This month we’ve got activities to help students observe and appreciate...


For biodiversity to continue, it is important that we do the best job we can to protect all of...

Coming to Our Senses

This set of mindfulness activities is designed to connect students with the natural world and connect them to it...

Bird Mystery

Listen to hear about how tagging birds with radio transmitters can help wildlife biologists understand their behavior and discover...

Earth Week is for the Animals

APRIL 2024 Here at Earth Rangers, every week is Earth Week. This Earth Week, leading up to the internationally recognized...

Conservation Heroes!

In this activity, students talk about habitats and why they’re important for animals. Next, they will meet some young...

A Month of Green (Except for Mammals)

MARCH 2024 In the month of March, the colour green evokes luck. What better month to explore just how lucky...

Bears and Hibernation

Listen to learn about how different animals adapt to the changing seasons and find out what happenswhen bears hibernate. Subject:...

Turtle-y awesome!

FEBRUARY 2024 From the few-inches-long musk turtle to the over five-foot-long leatherback, turtles are incredible ancient reptiles! Regardless of their...

Leatherback Turtles Game

In this game students are hungry leatherback turtles looking for food in the ocean. At the end of the...

Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Fun!

JANUARY 2024 Happy New Year! We are so excited about everything that is in store for Earth Rangers Homeroom in...

Tree Hugger Challenge!

Trees work hard and take care of us. It only makes sense that we take care of them. In...

Celebrating the end of a great year!

December 2023 2023 has been an exciting year for the Homeroom community! Our Earth Rangers Clubs program re-launched (and the...

Can Nature Digest This?

After exploring and observing decomposition in action, students will share the message that while dead organisms become food for...

Bringing the “Journey of a Plastic Bag” to Life

After delving deeper into the environmental impact of single-use plastic bags, students use storyboardsto prepare a creative way to...

Migratory Birds and Peculiar Animals

Nov 2023 This month’s feature activity is the game “Off we go!” which helps students visualize the importance of conservation...

Off we go!

This game demonstrates the positive effects of conservation on habitat loss and fragmentation. Students try to get their birds...

A Green Halloween

 Oct 2023 Spooky season is upon us. This year, why not make your classroom’s Halloween colours black, orange…and green!...

What a Peculiar Animal!

Students learn about animal adaptations and design their own peculiar animal. Next, they talk about the impacts humans can...

Plastic-Free Portraits

This activity is the chance for students to share their knowledge about ways to cut out single-use plastics. These...

The Magic Camera

Using a “magic camera”, students observe the outdoors from two different perspectives: humans and wildlife. In pairs, one student with...

Fall back into new eco-habits!

September is a beautiful month to take advantage of the outdoors! Our feature activity this month is a fun game to get kids outside and observing the natural world around them.

A Summer of Eco-Action

Summer is a great time of year to get outside and enjoy everything that our local communities have to offer. The downtime also offers kids an opportunity to put into practice everything they’ve learned about eco-action throughout the year.

Ways to Protect the Planet

This game is a fun and engaging way to challenge students’ knowledge about actions that can be taken to...

Monarch Butterflies: Powerful Pollinators

With spring comes the return of many species who sought warmer weather over winter. One of the most fascinating migrations is that of the monarch butterfly.

Earth Day 2023: Invest in our Planet Sustainable Fashion

Apr 2023 The theme of Earth Day 2023 is Invest in our Planet. One way to do this...

Where is your t-shirt from?

In this lesson, students will learn about the energy used to create, transport, package, and market our clothes, how this impacts the environment and what we can do to reduce the impact.

Eco-Anxiety to Eco-Action: The Power of Stories to Change

Mar 2023 We all have the power to make a difference. However, when we hear not...

Inspiring Eco-Action through Storytelling

In this activity, storytelling helps spur Eco-Action by showing students that it is possible to make a difference. After...

Plastic-Free for a Week Challenge

In this challenge, students try to adopt as many plastic-free habits as possible.

Join in the fight against single-use plastics!

When it comes to plastic, 2023 is an exciting year in Canada. The sale of single-use plastic bags will be banned in December of this year.

The Greenbelt Game

This fun cooperative game helps students understand threats to biodiversity and the importance of conservation areas such as a Greenbelt in protecting biodiversity.

Birds are Dinosaurs

Listen to learn more about extinct dinosaurs and how they are related to the ones that are still flying around the planet today.

Hovering Hummingbirds

Listen to hear a scientist describe the unique features of a hummingbird.

Forests are Big Ecosystems

Listen to an interview with a forestry expert to discover how forests are being managed.

Wildlife in the City

Listen to hear Earth Ranger Emma explain which animals can be found in suburbs and cities and how they adapt to these environments.

Observing Animals in their Habitat

Students observe animals in their natural habitat and make predictions about changes over time.

Single Use Plastic: Audit and Take Action

In this activity, students explore the impact of single-use plastics by making predictions, gathering data, and analyzing results. This can be used as a starting point for a student-led eco-action activity, such as a letter-writing campaign or a school awareness campaign

Sprouting Seeds

Students lead a seed-sprouting investigation based on their predictions about seeds.

Measuring Beautiful Trees

In this activity, students observe the characteristics of trees in their community and think about why we should take care of them.

Engineering Bird Houses or Feeders

This classroom activity starter sets the stage for an activity allowing students to design birdfeeders and test their designs to see what meets the needs of local birds.

Caring for Butterflies

By participating in a community science project, students see that they can contribute to the authentic work of real-live monitoring and conservation science.

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