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Migratory Birds and Peculiar Animals

Nov 2023 This month’s feature activity is the game “Off we go!” which helps students visualize the importance of conservation...

Off we go!

This game demonstrates the positive effects of conservation on habitat loss and fragmentation. Studentstry to get their birds (paper...

A Green Halloween

 Oct 2023 Spooky season is upon us. This year, why not make your classroom’s Halloween colours black, orange…and green!...

What a Peculiar Animal!

Students learn about animal adaptations and design their own peculiar animal. Next, they talk about the impacts humans can...

Plastic-Free Portraits

This activity is the chance for students to share their knowledge about ways to cut out single-use plastics. These...

The Magic Camera

Using a “magic camera”, students observe the outdoors from two different perspectives: humans and wildlife. In pairs, one student with...

Fall back into new eco-habits!

September is a beautiful month to take advantage of the outdoors! Our feature activity this month is a fun game to get kids outside and observing the natural world around them.

A Summer of Eco-Action

Summer is a great time of year to get outside and enjoy everything that our local communities have to offer. The downtime also offers kids an opportunity to put into practice everything they’ve learned about eco-action throughout the year.

Ways to Protect the Planet

This game is a fun and engaging way to challenge students’ knowledge about actions that can be taken to...

Monarch Butterflies: Powerful Pollinators

With spring comes the return of many species who sought warmer weather over winter. One of the most fascinating migrations is that of the monarch butterfly.

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